What is the best smartwatch for kids?

What Is the Best Smart Watch for Kids under $100?


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It begins here. What is the best smart watch for kids under $100? Do you remember your first wristwatch when you were a kid and who gifted it to you?

I do. It was a tiny, black Seiko automatic watch with a digital face. That prestigious timekeeping companion occupies the top space among my childhood memories.

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In today’s tech-conscious, digitally transformed, fun-hungry world, kids’ tastes and priorities have changed.

Now a 10-year-old would rarely prioritize timekeeping over the fun-yielding aspects of a watch? In other words, they look for a smartwatch.

If you are planning to buy your kid a tech-powered timepiece, you would like to know, “What is the best smart watch for kids”.

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Top 10 Features of the Best Smart Watch for Kids under $100

You cannot probably give a one-liner response to “What is the best smart watch for kids?” It can be described as having a certain number of child-friendly, learning-oriented functionalities.

Here are the top 10 advantages of the best smartwatches for kids.

1. Kid-friendly Outlook

Your child would soon lose interest in a decent-looking men’s or women’s watch. A timepiece with kid-friendly texture, color scheme, and graphics will offer a lasting appeal to children.

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2. Tech-enriched

The advanced, tech-enriched watches from reputed brands usually offer a huge number of functionalities. They include touchscreen, selfies, videos, gaming, brain teasers, custom faces, multi-function buttons, motion sensors, and so on.

3. It Lets Your Kids Create and Capture Fun

There are smart wristwatches for kids with single or dual cameras. They allow the wearers to create, capture, and preserve fun in the form of selfies, snaps, and videos.

4. Beautifies Your Kids’ Memories

In addition to capturing and preserving your memories, the best smartwatches for kids can also beautify them. For instance, you can apply eye-catching frames, filters, effects, and stamps to your snaps and recordings.

5. Offers Gaming and Brain Teasers on the Go

Fed by cool augmented reality, the built-in games in the kids’ smartwatches offer pleasant entertainment. It also serves to boost up the confidence and experience of the player in the real world.

When it comes to “What is the best smart watch for kids?” it will also feature brain teasers and brain learning functionality.

6. Allows Kids to Learn How to Read and Manage Time

The user-optimized techs in the best watches for children can enable them to learn how to read the time. There are also custom watch faces, alarm, calendar, and timer to efficiently manage the time.

7. Comes Equipped with Pedometer and Motion Sensor

One of the criteria to rank “What is the best smart watch for kids under $100?” is to look for the specs like pedometer and motion sensor. With its ability to track steps, the pedometer encourages active play. And, using the motion sensor, kids can engage in motion-controlled games and challenges.

8. Enables Parental Control on Gaming

Unchecked and continuous gaming could be dangerous for your kids’ physical and mental health. So, while finding out “What is the best smart watch for kids?” you should make sure that it comes with the parental check on gaming.

Also, make sure that it does not include wireless connectivity, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which could endanger the security of watch content.

9. Quick to Learn and Use

The immature mind of your kids may not respond to complex watch commands and operations on the watch face.

A simplified layout with touchscreen and multi-function buttons will better serve the cause. Also, the availability of a shutter button will allow the children to catch a snap on the fly.

10. Sleek, Durable, Kid-optimized Design

You cannot just overlook durability and compatibility while looking for “What is the best smart watch for kids?” The size of the smartwatch should be such that it does not sound awkward on the small wrist of your child. Similarly, it should be splash-proof and have a breathable strap.

What Is the Best Smart Watch for Kids? – Top 3 Choices

While you crave for a tech-rich smartwatch for your kids, the price, user reviews, ratings, and resale value will come up as the major factors to influence your choice. All these aspects of a kid’s watch have been fully catered to while preparing the list of the top 20 best smart watches for kids.

First Choice – Vtech KidiZoom DX2 Smart Watch for Kids

(What is the best smart watch for kids under $100?)

What is the best smart watch for kids under $100? VTech's Kidizoom could be your first choice.
What is the best smart watch for kids under $100? VTech’s Kidizoom could be your first choice.

With its vibrant, sleek, kid-optimized design and sophisticated tech empowerment, VTech’s KidiZoom DX2 smartwatch stands out to be the best kids watch.

Precisely responding to kids’ varied tastes for a specific hue, it is available in five exquisite color schemes, including black, blue, camouflage, pink, and purple.

And when it comes to its tech enrichment, you will find almost everything that an apex quality kids watch can ever offer.

It is intended for kids aged 4 and above.

Key Attractions:

  • Dual cameras to take high quality videos, snaps, and selfies
  • Perfectly sized, plash proof wristband and case
  • Create and apply customized watch faces with the captured media
  • Indulge in augmented reality (AR) experience through the monster detector gaming
  • Motion detector to cope with active play challenges
  • Built-in timer, alarm, and calendar
  • Touch-enabled display and multi-function buttons add to the ease of use
  • Track steps and enjoy active play with the help of pedometer
  • An unbelievably economical price package
  • One of the best rated, bestseller kids watches


  • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (Please note, it will ensure security of content.)
  • Micro-USB cable connected to a PC is the only option for recharge

Second Choice – Sonic the Hedgehog Kid’s Touchscreen Smartwatch

(What is the best smart watch for kids under $50?)

Sonic the Hedgehog Kid’s Touchscreen Smartwatch - Tech-rich kids' smart watch couldn't be so cheap.
Sonic the Hedgehog Kid’s Touchscreen Smartwatch – Tech-rich kids’ smartwatch couldn’t be so cheap.

Occupying the second tier on the list of the best smart watches for kids, Sonic the Hedgehog interactive touchscreen smartwatch is almost as equipped as its from VTech.

Rather, you will find something additional here. For example, it also includes the functionalities like voice recorder, calculator, and stopwatch. Also, it has a long-lasting battery.

Key Attractions:

  • An all-equipped kids’ smart watch with selfie camera, 3x games, and pedometer.
  • Offers a safe and secure way to share your precious moments with family and friends.
  • Kids can benefit with the additional functionalities, like stopwatch and calculator.
  • Available in three decent variants, i.e., blue, light blue, and multicolor.
  • USB charging cable included in the package.
  • Calendar supports day, date, and month.
  • A perfect piece for gifting.
  • Thousands of buyers give it a 5-star rating. (Average rating is around 4.5.)


  • Only supports digital display.
  • Only includes a selfie camera – no dual cameras.

Third Choice – Marvel Spider-Man Touchscreen Smartwatch for Kids (SPD4588AZ)

(What is the best smart watch for kids under $50?)

Are you looking for "What is the best smart watch for kids? Here's Marvel Spider-Man Touchscreen Smartwatch for Kids
Are you looking for “What is the best smart watch for kids? Here’s Marvel Spider-Man Touchscreen Smartwatch for Kids

Here comes Marvel’s Spider-Man, a bitter, direct rival to Sonic the Hedgehog’s smartwatch for kids. Except for its bright-red color scheme of Spider-Man, majority of specs are same in both the smart watches.

Another minor difference comes in the type of material used for the dial window, which is acrylic in Sonic the Hedgehog and plastic in Spider-Man.

Here are the key attractions and distractions of the Marvel Spider-Man smart watch for kids.

Key Attractions:

  • Kids’ favorite gift item with official Spider-Man logo.
  • A fully equipped smart watch for kids with selfie, 3x games, pedometer, and more.
  • Soft and durable silicone band material.
  • Do safe and secure sharing of media with your intimates.
  • Allows the children to learn the use of calculator and stopwatch.
  • USB charging cable included in the package.
  • Long battery life to enjoy uninterrupted fun round the clock.
  • One of the top-rated smart watches for kids.


  • Calendar only supports date and month.
  • A single color variant available.

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