Easy tips to create a perfect What Is Fashion essay.

What Is Fashion Essay with Types, Trends, and Importance


Easy tips to create a perfect What Is Fashion essay.
Easy tips to create a perfect What Is Fashion essay.

What is Fashion Essay – Brief Intro

It would be an injustice to fashion if you glue it to elitism. “What is fashion essay” lists many versions of fashion definition, types, trends, importance.

This well-organized and logically-sequenced ‘what is fashion essay’ not only adds to your understanding and approach to fashion but also answers some critical questions that keep popping up in your mind from time to time.

  • What is fashion in simple terms?
  • How does fashion evolve over time?
  • What is the study of fashion called?
  • Why should you keep pace with fashion?
  • How many are types of fashion?
  • Who tried to differentiate clothing from fashion?
  • What is fashion designing?

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It would be a grave injustice to fashion if you limit it to one’s desire for and use of unusually expensive or seemingly unnecessary things. It is something you can never separate from your life. Simply put, fashion has always been the part and parcel of an individual’s life. And it’ll remain so in future.

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Here’s a comprehensive what is fashion essay. You’ll also learn about different versions of fashion definition, the origin and history of the term, and types of fashion. Meanwhile, some related terms –such as mode, costume, dress, and clothing – have also been explained.

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Important Note about What is Fashion Essay:

You shouldn’t use headings in your essay on fashion. In this What Is Fashion essay, the headings have been used only for the sake of convenience, clarity, understanding, and ease of learning. In your own practical version of essay, there should be no headings. However, you can use quotations wherever you deem it appropriate.

What is Fashion Essay Outline

Brief outline: What is fashion essay.
Brief outline: What is fashion essay.
  • Introduction (What is Fashion Essay)
  • Fashion Etymology
  • What is Fashion Definition (Several Versions)
  • Clothing vs Fashion
  • Types of Fashion
  • Importance of Fashion
  • What Is Fashion Designing?
  • Conclusion

Does the claim that fashion is the part and parcel of one’s life sound strange? Different approaches to “What is fashion?” would make the whole thing clear to you. The fashion definition varies greatly across individuals and communities. While some associate it with elitism, others regard it as any prevailing trend or style at a given time. Here the term ‘elitism’ refers to the organization of a system or a society in such a way that only a few individuals can have influence in it.

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What is the field of study devoted to fashion called? You can call it fashionology or fashion studies. Logically, the person studying fashion should be called a fashionologist.

Fashion Etymology:

Do you know about the origin and history of the term “fashion”? The word “fashion” was originally derived from the Latin word “facio” or “factio”, which literally means “doing” or “making”. In French, it evolved from “fazon” to “facon”. The word “fashion” fist appeared in the Middle English with the literal meaning “to make” or “a particular make or shape”.

In the sixteenth century, fashion referred to a special manner of making clothes.

What Is Fashion Definition?

What is fashion definition?
What is fashion definition?

What is fashion? Fashionologists have found it difficult to give an exact fashion definition. It is because the term has had different connotations throughout the human history. Both the meaning and significance of the terms kept on changing in response to the habits of clothing and social customs of individuals in various social structures.

Here is the fashion definition from multiple sources.

Fashion-ology – An Introduction to Fashion Studies” by Yuniya Kawamura elaborates the evolution of fashion definition in history. The book also quotes a fashion definition by The New Oxford English Dictionary on Historical Principles, 1901 edition. It says:
Fashion is the process or act of making, a manner, a current usage, a prevailing custom, a conventional usage in dress and the mode of life.

The book “Identities Through Fashion: A Multidisciplinary Approach” published in 2013 provides the simplest definition of what is fashion. It puts fashion as:

“A form of material culture related to bodily decoration.”

Giving another definition, the same book calls fashion a ‘signifier’. In this explanation of ‘what is fashion’, the emphasis is on fashion as a type of language in which the styles of dress (clothing) function as signifiers.

Frenchy Lunning in the “Fetish Style” (2013) talks about an extensive fashion definition.

“As a prevailing style, a manner of making, and as an industry, fashion has an extensive definition. Here the concept of ‘the new’ pervades and dominates all the definitions and practices, which appear under the expanding influence of fashion.”

Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries puts the definition of fashion as:

“A popular style of clothes and hair, etc. at a given time and place is called fashion. Alternatively, it is the state of being popular.”

On the Free Dictionary, you will come across a precise definition of the term.

“It is the prevailing style or custom, as seen in dress and behaviour.”

Finally, Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia gives one of the extensive definitions of the term ‘fashion’.

“Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression in a certain context and time. It especially exhibits itself in clothing, lifestyle, hairstyle, makeup, accessories, footwear, and body proportions.”

Clothing vs Fashion:

Clothing vs fashion.
Clothing vs fashion.

Yuniya Kawamura in the book on fashion quotes Barnard as trying to draw a line between fashion and clothing and make a clear distinction between the two. Barnard’s study elaborated the idea through definitions, functions, and meanings associated with each of these terms. But the fashionologist often treats the two simultaneously.

Used interchangeably, the terms “fashion” and “dress” might be inseparable. It is because fashion is primarily associated with clothing.

Here follows a brief description of some terms related to fashion.

  • Clothing: In 1823, the term “clothing” referred to the distinctive dress that the members of a profession wore.
  • Dress: The word “dress” has been derived from the Middle French “dresser”, which literally means “to arrange”. In the broad context, it means the visible part of clothing or the principal garments that the women wear.
  • Costume: The mode of personal dress or attire belonging to a class, nation, or a period in history is called costume.
  • Mode: According to Yuniya Kawamura, mode is synonymous with fashion.

Types of Fashion:

Top 10 types of fashion. A creative, engaging what is fashion essay.
Top 10 types of fashion.

Though primarily associated with your clothing, fashion is a broad term, which covers all aspects of your lifestyle and behavior. So, there can be several different types of fashion. It may exhibit itself in:

1. Clothing or Dress

Dressing/Clothing, one of the top 10 types of fashion.
Dressing/Clothing, one of the top 10 types of fashion.

It relates to how you dress up yourself while you go in public or participate in social events. It is the most common and visible form of fashion. Visiting a social event will help you understand what is fashion in clothing these days.

2. Hairstyle (What Is Fashion essay)

Hairstyle (What is fashion essay)
Hairstyle (What is fashion essay)

There are hundreds of styles for a haircut to choose from. Some exude decency while others propagate a simplistic approach. Still, there are hairstyles which make you look vulgar.

3. Footwear

Your footware also reflects your taste for fashion. Read more about what is fashion essay.
Your footware also reflects your taste for fashion.

The footwear styles are different for men and women. Yet a huge variety exists on both sides. While tall women may go for low heels, the high heels are common or rather favorite among the females with shorter bodies.

4. Design of Buildings

Skyscrapers are in fashion today.
Skyscrapers are in fashion today. (What is fashion essay)

When it comes to the design of buildings, you’ll see that people make use of modern materials and put extra, unnecessary structures at the front just to make it look different and stand out among the rest.

5. Way of Living

Your way of living also tells about what fashion you like.
Your way of living also tells about what fashion you like.

The way you live and perform routine activities tells a lot about your taste for fashion. It may include everything from getting up to going to sleep and how and when you sleep.

6. Use of Accessories

Use of accessories - What is fashion essay.
Use of accessories – What is fashion essay.

The tech products have so integrated into the life of an individual that life seems incomplete without accessories. The accessories may include your baggage, gadget (including smartphones, tabs, PCs, etc.), and other things to assist you and contribute to your personality.

7. Learning Trends

Online learning went into widespread fashion during the days of the pandemic.
Online learning went into widespread fashion during the days of the pandemic.

Earlier it was a fashion to teach the students through lecture method and follow the GTM (Grammar Translation Method) technique. Though the technique is still in practice, it makes learners listeners and put all the burden on the instructor. And the learning output is also insufficient. The new fashion in learning focuses on teaching through activity, more properly called activity-based learning.

8. Music (What Music Is In Fashion?)

Music too goes in or out of fashion. (What is fashion essay)
Music too goes in or out of fashion. (What is fashion essay)

A few decades back, it was classical music, which dominated the scene as a popular fashion. Now the tastes of music lovers crave for pop music. Ironically, it tends to subdue melody under the beat of the drum.

9. Sports

Different sports are in fashion across various regions.
Different sports are in fashion across various regions.

While cricket has become the most popular game at the international level, different games are in fashion in different regions and territories.

10. Behavior

Your behavior too is an integral part of your overall fashion.
Your behavior too is an integral part of your overall fashion.

The way how people behave at their homes or in society tells about the prevailing trends in the given area. If you look at evolution in behavior, you will see that politeness is gradually becoming a thing of the past and aggression is gaining momentum as a new fashion.

Importance of Fashion:

This essay on what is fashion highlights the ways how past, prevailing or new trends influence your lives.
Importance of fashion.

The importance of fashion can be realized from the fact that an individual won’t be acceptable to society if they do not live and behave according to the acceptable social standards. Fashion is just another name for the prevailing norms and practices in a given area or community.

Even if you go against the dominant trends and follow your own style, you are still following some fashion, which may be an old or new one. So, it would sound believable if someone says that they have totally rejected fashion.

Today mobile phones and smartphones are in fashion as a means of communication. People use vehicles, such as public transport, cars, bike, trains, or aeroplanes for travelling. Would anyone like to completely denounce all these things?

Suppose, we say, they do. In that case, the opponents of fashion will have to cover long distances by walking. It will not only put them to the undesirable hardships but also make them look awkward.

And they will still be following some sort of fashion, i.e. an old one! In their defense, they may say, “Old is gold.” Though unknowingly, they are still highlighting the importance of fashion.

The type of watch you put around your wrist, the design of your dress, haircut, the kind your shoes you wear, and the vehicle you travel in all tell about your unique taste for fashion. Such things also tell about your personality and thinking.

Did you know? Fashion can also have harmful effects on an individual and society in general.

As new cloth designs, cars, motorcycles, home luxuries, watches, gadgets, and other things are introduced as the latest fashion, people just rush to get them without taking into account that they may not be having means to afford them.

Such a blind pursuit for fashion leads to financial issues. People borrow money from persons and institutions, which they are unable to pay back later. It adds to and worsens their financial woes.

What Is Fashion Designing?

Fashion designing in clothing is a big and flourishing industry nowadays.
Fashion designing in clothing is a big and flourishing industry nowadays.

Fashion is something that keeps evolving and assuming new shapes. In the past, it was slow to evolve and take effect. But today new trends show up and prevail in no time.

The technologies innovation, lightning-fast communication, media, and interconnectivity of the people across the globe are all contributing in this regard. Here our main question is, “What is fashion designing?”

Fashion designing can be briefly defined as the practice of applying new design, natural beauty and aesthetics to the things that define fashion, particularly clothing and its accessories.

While the prevailing trends of clothing and its accessories change over time and place, there are multiple factors that influence the creation and development of a new style in anything.

When it comes to technologies innovation, there is a very strong possibility that a new invention will get immediate acceptance from the public and become a new fashion.

If we talk of ‘what is fashion designing in clothing’, it refers to defining a new shape, color, texture, trimmings, the nature of fabric, and other related aspects of dress. Similarly, various factors come to the limelight while introducing a new style in footwear, gadgets, and other things of routine use.

Conclusion – What Is Fashion Essay.

To conclude, with its several dimensions and deep roots in the global cultures and conventions, fashion has become an inseparable part of everyone’s life. While you cannot simply avoid fashion, it should be practised keeping in view the standards of morality and moderation. Your outlook can render you a unique standing both in the positive and negative spheres.

Version 2: What Is Fashion Essay (A Short Essay on Fashion – 400 words)

Outline: What is fashion essay (version 2) - A 400 words short essay on fashion.
Outline: What is fashion essay (version 2)

Outline: What is Fashion Essay (Version 2)

  • What is fashion definition?
  • Fashions and the human society.
  • Different types of fashion
  • What make a fashion worth following?
  • Evils stemming from blind pursuit of fashion
  • Fashion among students
  • When fashion is a social behaviour
  • Conclusion

Text: What is Fashion Essay (400 words)

A fad or fashion is a style of clothing, or any activity, or a way of behaving that is popular for a time. A person who follows or sticks to such trends is called fashionable. Fashions have been popular in human society since time immemorial. It has been an urge in human beings that they should look distinctive. To satisfy this urge, they indulge in fashions.

Some of the fashions look decent and some otherwise. It is very hard to draw a line between the two. Overall, it is not regarded as good to blindly follow fashions. In the matters of dress, it is advisable to keep pace with the current trends but not at the cost of modesty. A fashion is, in fact, a sort of the race between the individuals of the upper, elite class and those from the lower economic strata of the society.

The people from the upper class want to maintain and assert their dominance in every matter of life. They spend a lot of money on fashions in dresses, jewellery, houses, and entertainment. Women easily fall a prey to this social menace. They sometimes become so indulged in the matters of fashion that their husbands get involved in unlawful acts to provide for their fashion.

Fashion among students is also a dangerous thing. They lose interest in their studies and try to follow any new trend in fashion. This is not a healthy activity. They do not realize what is more important for them. Students with poor family background pressurize their parents to meet their unjustified needs. As a result, their genuine and more urgent demands remain unfulfilled.

Fashion in the matter of social behaviour has dominated our thoughts so much that it is almost impossible for us to come out of their rings. On the occasions of marriages and deaths, many formalities are observed as they have assumed the role of a fashion. In these matters, fashion drains a considerable amount of our resources.

(Conclusion: What is Fashion Essay)

Fashion is tolerable to some extent. If we start following all the fashion trends blindly, it will disturb the balance of a serene social existence. Our religion has given us the lesson of simplicity. If we follow it, it will save us from lots of undue worries. Beauty emanating from fashion trends is just an illusion. Real beauty lies in grace and grace is an outcome of simplicity. This is what we need to learn.

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