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15 Disadvantages, 30 Advantages of Fashion, Fashion Essay


Some value it as an asset. Others hail it as their lives. Fashion is both. Here’re 30+ advantages of fashion, 15+ disadvantages, and a well-composed what is fashion essay with outline.

30+ advantage and disadvantages of fashion in points and essay with outline.
The advantage of fashion – Image courtesy: Pixabay

Note: A detailed essay is given at the end of the advantages/disadvantages of fashion list.

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Besides, you’ll get answers to the questions like:

  • How can fashion simultaneously soothe and add to your woes?
  • To what extent should you follow fashion?
  • What is the difference between style and fashion?
  • How does fashion undergo evolution?
  • What are the multiple ways it can be a source of living?

Below is an outline of the advantages of fashion essay. Scroll down to read in detail all the benefits of fashion.


Introduction – It positively means more to you than you think.

Benefits of Fashion in Points:

1. Get Accepted

Get accepted - an advantage of following fashion.
Get accepted – an advantage of following fashion. Image courtesy: Pixabay

Going against fashion norms may make you an outcast.

2. Be Respected 

Pursuing fashion engenders honor.
Pursuing fashion engenders honor. Image courtesy: Pixabay

It fetches you honor and esteem if you do what others do.

3. Earn Name & Fame – 2 Fast Advantages of Fashion

Earn name and fame - 2 fast advantages of fashion.
Earn name and fame. Image courtesy: Pixabay

In today’s digitalized world, fashion can make you famous in seconds.

4. Fight Weather Extremes 

Fight weather extremes.
Fight weather extremes. Image courtesy: Pixabay

Beat the heat and hold back cold with weather-oriented costumes.

5. Inspire Creativity – Advantages of Fashion in Aesthetics

Inspire creativity - a plus point of quest for fashion.
Inspire creativity – a plus point of quest for fashion. Image courtesy: Pixabay

Desire to stand out in a crowd may inspire you to invent new ideas.

6. Avoid Unwelcome Moves 

Push back unwelcome moves while harvesting the advantages of fashion.
Push back unwelcome moves. Image courtesy: Pixabay

Blending fashion with seriousness can prevent others’ odd attitude.

7. Build Individuality 

Fashion helps you to build and express individuality as one of its personality-boosting advantages.
Fashion helps you to build and express individuality. Image courtesy: Pixabay

Based on your unique ideas, you can build and express your individuality.

8. A Marker of Identify 

A marker of identity - one of the less known advantages of fashion.
A marker of identity. Image courtesy: Pixabay

People know you from your personality.

9. Look Modern – One of the Prime Advantages of Fashion

Look modern - one of the prime advantages of fashion.
Look modern. Image courtesy: Pixabay

You’re receptive & responsive to changing times and trends.

10. Pivot of Attention

Be the pivot of others' attention through your style while exploiting other advantages of fashion.
Be the pivot of others’ attention through your style. Image courtesy: Pixabay

It does make a difference. Among other advantages of fashion, it makes you the pivot of others’ attention.

11. Maintain an Optimum Pace of Progress

Maintain an optimum pace of progress.
Maintain an optimum pace of progress. Image courtesy: Pixabay

You don’t let yourself lag behind.

12. Influence Others – One of the Popular Advantages of Fashion

Act like a magnet and influence others through different advantages of fashion.
Act like a magnet and influence others. Image courtesy: Pixabay

People may praise or hate you. Just carry on with your positive style and practice. You will get the desired advantages of fashion.

13. Bring a Change – One of the Most Sought After Advantages of Fashion

Bring a change in you and in others by cultivating different advantages of fashion.
Bring a change in you and in others. Image courtesy: Pixabay

Make your style, trend, and idea acceptable to others.

14. A Lingua Franka – One of the Universal Advantages of Fashion

A universal language - one of the universal advantages of fashion.
A universal language. Image courtesy: Pixabay

It’s like Love, Music, and Esperanto!

15. Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem 

Boost confidence and self-esteem while you seek to utilize various advantages of fashion.
Boost confidence and self-esteem. Image courtesy: Pixabay

Enjoy pleasant feelings as you strive to cultivate other amazing advantages of fashion.

16. Inspires Aesthetic Sense 

Inspire aesthetic sense as you cultivate other amazing advantages of fashion.
Inspire aesthetic sense. Image courtesy: Pixabay

You start seeing, practicing, and appreciating beauty.

17. Lose & Maintain Weight

Lose and maintain weight.
Lose and maintain weight. Image courtesy: Pixabay

A desire to look smart drives you to burn extra fat.

18. Sublime Thinking – It’s How You Unfold the Hidden Advantages of Fashion.

Switch on sublime thinking. It's how you unfold the hidden advantages of fashion.
Switch on sublime thinking. Image courtesy: Pixabay

Refines and imparts optimism to how you perceive things.

19. Discover Colors and Styles 

Discover new colors and styles.
Discover new colors and styles. Image courtesy: Pixabay

New hues and combinations might look better as you unearth the hidden advantages of fashion.

20. A Source of Earning 

Exploit fashion's potential as a source of earning.
Exploit fashion’s potential as a source of earning. Image courtesy: Pixabay

It can earn you millions in weeks!

21. Protect Yourself from a Disease

Protect yourself from disease.
Protect yourself from disease. Image courtesy: Pixabay

With the outbreak of Spanish flu and COVID-19 pandemic, wearing face masks became a fashion. Following such a fashion in such circumstances can help you to protect yourself from a deadly disease.

22. Save Others’ Lives

Save others' live.
Save others’ live. Image courtesy: Pixabay

If you wear protective kits that come into fashion against a pandemic, you’re not only protecting yourself but also saving the lives of your loved ones and other people who are likely to come into contact with you.

23. Contribute to a Collective Cause

Contribute to a collective cause.
Contribute to a collective cause. Image courtesy: Pixabay

In the time of a calamity or a disaster, it becomes a common practice among masses (a fashion) to help out the victims. If you follow that fashion, you’re contributing to a collective cause.

24. Save Money – One of the Financial Advantages of Fashion

Save money - one of the financial advantages of fashion.
Save money. Image courtesy: Pixabay

It’s usually believed that following a fashion trend cost you financial resources. Sometimes, deviating from a prevail style – i.e. trying to introduce something new – could prove to be an expensive practice.

25. Manage and Save Time

Manage/save your time and translate it into money.
Manage/save your time and translate it into money. Image courtesy: Pixabay

When people always keep with themselves a time-telling device like a wristwatch, following that trend could help you to manage and save your precious time.

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26. Feel Comfortable

Feel comfortable and relaxed.
Feel comfortable and relaxed. Image courtesy: Pixabay

It’s one of the greatest advantages of fashion that when you don’t go against a norm, you feel spirited and comfortable.

27. Stay Healthy

Eat and stay healthy.
Eat and stay healthy. Image courtesy: Pixabay

Following a healthy diet routine that’s in vogue could guarantee you a sound, energetic, and disease-free lifestyle.

28. Find a Spouse with Desired Attributes

Find a spouse with desired attributes.
Find a spouse with desired attributes. Image courtesy: Pixabay

When you are fashionable and stylish, many individuals with great traits and backgrounds would love to be in a marital relationship with you. So, you can go for one that suits you best.

29. Socialize

Socialize and have fun.
Socialize. Image courtesy: Pixabay

Looking and behaving just like others would make others feel comfortable in your company and provide an environment for socialization.

30. Inspire Friendships – One of the Social Advantages of Fashion

Inspire friendships.
Inspire friendships. Image courtesy: Pixabay

Following popular fashions of the day can prove to be a plus point in interacting with good people and making friendships with them.

31. Avoid Embarrassment

Avoid embarrassment.
Avoid embarrassment. Image courtesy: Pixabay

If your new, anti-fashion looks and practices are awkward, you might face embarrassment. On the contrary, following a norm would save you from such an unwanted event.


Fashion can also mean a “superficial you”, which is many times removed from the “real you”. So, there can be several disadvantages of fashion. Some of the drawbacks of fashion are listed below.

1. False Pretense – One of the Social Disadvantages of Fashion

Blind pursuit of fashion leads you to false pretence. People blindly following fashion might misrepresent or modify facts to defraud others.

Such disadvantages of fashion tend to spread chaos in society and pose a threat to a peaceful existence.

2. Hatch Up Hatred – One of the Personal Disadvantages of Fashion

Caring much about superficiality hatches up hatred in others’ minds.

When superficiality drags you away from originally and the ‘real you’, such disadvantages of fashion express themselves with force.

3. Waste of Money – One of the Financial Disadvantages of Fashion

You might spend money on things that may not be necessary. Most people put wastage of money on the top of the list of the disadvantages of fashion.

4. Waste of Time – Call It a Time-killer Machine

Obviously, it takes a lot of time to look different than you really are.

5. Waste of Energy 

You could furnish something better by saving energy and effort.

6. Shallow Thinking

You might start giving too much importance to how things look.

7. Mental Slavery 

Getting obsessed with others’ opinions about you causes mental slavery.

8. Objectification 

Fashion makes you prone to objectification as of women in entertainment.

9. Weak Bonds

Bonds and relationships that are based on outward appearances are weak and short-lived.

10. Embarrassment

While fashion saves you from embarrassment, it can also be a source of embarrassment at time. For example, when people meet the “real you”, you feel shame.

11. Shock Others

When owing to financial or other reasons, you are unable to keep up appearances, people get shocked.

12. Disappoint People

Looking fashionable does not always mean you are wealthy and well-off. People make friends with and expect from you. When their expectations are not responded to, they get disappointed.

13. A Piece of Fun – One of the Fatal Disadvantages of Fashion for Your Repute

When your fashion pursuits focus on making you a different being from others, it doesn’t really benefit you. Rather, people start making fun of you.

And it could be one of the fatal disadvantages of fashion.

14. A Feeling of Alienation in Others

Among other serious disadvantages of fashion, it stirs a sense of alienation in others.

People Look Down Upon You (Considering You a Slave of Fashion)

While there are many advantages of fashion in its moderate sense, looking overly fashionable is something unacceptable to many.

Considering you a slave of fashion, people might start looking down upon you.


There can be more advantages of fashion than you might have imagined especially when you’re living in the world more conscious of it than ever.

So, you must be aware of the latest trends prevailing around if you want to look modern, influence others, bring a change, and maintain an optimum pace of progress.

Before switching on to the top 10 advantages of fashion, it is pertinent to get adequate know-how of what is fashion. Going through several definitions of fashion will help you understand it better.

While fashion is usually referred to as the popular trends in clothing, hairstyle, footwear, and use of gadgets, it must also include prevalent practices of lifestyle, learning, social behavior, and what people perceive or deem the right way to do different things.

In other words, a broader definition of fashion will also include what medium people, in general, prefer to use for news or entertainment. Similarly, if you are using a mobile phone to communicate with others or living in an airconditioned room to beat the scorching heat of summer, you are actually pursuing a prevalent fashion.

Such an approach to fashion, as described above, makes fashion a part and parcel of one’s life. Put in another way, people’s lives would be incomplete if they deny following the fashion of their day and region.

So, it can be said that if an individual claims that they have denounced fashion in all its forms, they must be practicing it without being conscious of the same.

While you have the right to disagree, the top 10 advantages of fashion listed here have been explained with the help of logical arguments and instances from real life.

Just go through the following list. It’s bound to make a contribution to your knowledge about what is fashion and its advantages.


The world “fashion” has a dual meaning. First, it refers to the state of looking different and distinct.

Second, fashion also means doing what other do or following the prevalent traditions and practices.

This is what your era and area fellows expect from you. When you fulfill their expectations, you are accepted and integrated into society.

And when you follow fashion in terms of looking distinct, you are accepted into the community of the fashionable.

In either case, it sounds unwise to totally reject fashion.


Garnering respect is one of the advantages of fashion you would love to harvest.

It is true that a practitioner of fashion is likely to fetch more honor and esteem than those who don’t care that much about it.

People in the society highly regard you when do things help you to stand out as fashionable.

However, fashion alone may not garner you respect if your personality does add decency and politeness to it.

In other words, an impolite fashionable person will only stir the passion of hate in others.


Sometimes, fashion also means doing something unprecedented in a way that is more appealing.

How do people linked to the entertainment industry earn name and fame? Obviously, it is their par excellent performance. There’s another thing complementing their character and personality – fashion.

So, it won’t be an exaggeration to claim that fashion is one of the major contributors to one’s name and fame. There are several instances when fashion proved to be the most powerful tool to elevate from the state of being unknown to an international celebrity.


This is the advantage of fashion you can dispense with. Different sorts of costumes and shoes styles come into fashion as weather changes.

For example, in a cold weather, warm dresses are in fashion. Similarly, people put on light-colored dresses to fight back hot weather extremes.

Still there is the possibility that pursuing fashion beyond bounds would do you more harm than good.

That is, the youth sometimes resort to minimal dresses in freezing cold weather just to look different and impress others.

Their warm blood and energy may temporarily help them beat the weather extremes, but it will have adverse effects on their health.

Therefore, one should also adhere to the doctrine of moderation while making style the part and parcel of their life and harvesting the advantages of fashion.


When you desire to stand out in a crowd, you will look to exploit various available options. If that doesn’t work, you’ll feel the need to invent new ideas.

For example, responding to your instinct to look different you would try to invent new clothing styles and unique combinations of personal accessories.

When you think wearing a wristwatch makes you uncomfortable and it should go out of fashion, you would try to invent a new type of a time-telling machine that could be easily installed on and removed from the sleeve of your dress.

Similarly, if an expensive dress causes trouble and makes you feel uncomfortable, you will surely not abandon it but try to find ways to address that issue.

So, ‘inspiring creativity’ should be listed among top advantages of fashion.


You would find it true in the cases of both men and women. Blending fashion with seriousness can prevent others’ unwelcome moves.

When you ignore the advantages of fashion and go out with an unfashionable appearance, people around you might take it as a sign of your backwardness and weakness.

Finding you weak, individuals with ill intensions are likely to make inappropriate moves towards you. Such moves can not only inflict physical and emotional damage but also make you spoil your social image and standing.

On the other hand, if you follow fashion, you could easily avoid unwelcome moves as looking fashionable is also sign of power and authority.


Every individual on earth is different from the rest. And fashion is one of the ways to build your individuality and give it a loud voice.

Your unique appearance, behavior, habits, and thoughts is actually an expression of your individuality. People do so by translating their personal ideas and thoughts into actions and practices.

While doing so, you might be introducing a new fashion trend.


The very way to dress up yourself, carry and use accessories, and behave with others tells a lot about you. All these things provide useful information about the personality traits and background of the individuals under observation.

Therefore, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that your fashion is actually a marker of your identity. The famous quote, “First impression is the last impression” probably refers to this fact. If used carefully, it can prove to be one of the greatest advantages of fashion.

Following the above maxim, you can make a strong and lasting impression on the minds of others with the very first appearance or exposure. For instance, portraying yourself as a learned person will inspire a sense of respect in the minds of people.

But, at the same time, you have to be polite or the society might perceive you as being proud and start detesting your way.


The next item on the list of the top 10 advantages of fashion is ‘modernity’. Modernity, in turn, is something like a product (invention) or a practice that is brand new and has recently entered the popular stream.

When you define ‘what is fashion’ purely in terms of modernity, you would call only those persons as fashionable who quickly welcome the latest innovations and make them part of the personality and lifestyle.

But doing so could be both difficult and expensive. Difficulty in the sense that getting new things will require a significant effort on your part especially when only a few pieces are available. Secondly, the people around you may not be that much receptive to the new entrants. So, they may look upon you with the suspicion that you’re trying to disturb the established trends.

And expensive in the sense that new products are usually very expensive – sometimes, to the extent of unaffordability – as they make their maiden entry into the market. The second factor that might pose an unnecessary burden on your financial capability is that you will have to lose a product or gadget that is still immensely valuable only to rush for a new version of it.

What would you do if the latest model fails to deliver? Considering the case of a smartphone would help comprehend and digest this bitter reality. It has been observed in the past that advanced and more expensive model of the smartphones proved to be defective, thus incurring a huge economic loss to the buyers.

Such an overly emotional attitude towards embracing new models of things as soon as they are launched could be regarded as one of the serious drawbacks and disadvantages of fashion. This teaches an important lesson that the latest trends should only be followed to the extent of moderation. And you have to be careful about transgressing limits or committing exaggeration.

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Being fashionable can also mean looking different. And it makes a difference!

People are naturally attracted towards things sounding new, distinct, or unique. So, an individual, be it a male or female, becomes the pivot of attraction for the onlookers.

Another factor that might contribute to making you attractive is the element of ‘smartness’. Though fashionable people may not necessarily be smart, they do try to look so.

However, making the maximum out of such advantages of fashion would require some extra spending.

When you spend more money than is necessary or than you can afford, it is called extravagance. And extravagance is likely to drag you into financial chaos. The best thing you can do to avoid such economic woes is to observe moderation while pursuing your desire to grab others’ attention.


The world is continuously progressing. This can be ascertained by comparing the world of today with the one just a few decades into the past. There would be a hell of a difference! Rather, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the world today is progressing faster than ever before.

One of the significant advantages of fashion is that it helps you maintain an optimum pace of progress. To understand this fact, you can take the example of learning and operating computers, which is in fashion today.

If you refuse to make it a part of your routine life or at least the academic career, you will be left behind on the way to progress.

The story does not end here. You might also face difficulties while encountering computer-related matters and frequently seek other’s help. In case, the required assistance from others is not readily available, it will involve some kind of loss, including the financial one.


Though it may also be negatively, fashion is an effective way to influence others. When you look different, people will pay attention to you. Depending on how they perceive your style, they will either praise or hate you.

If your different look, personality, and behaviour are also decent and follow norms, the onlookers like it and also try to copy it. In that case, you will be influencing them positively.

On the other hand, an awkward outlook that shows too much deviation from the established norms will make the spectators look down upon you. Still, there will be some on your side who will like your outlook.

It will have a negative influence on them and put them on the wrong path. So, it is advisable that you should always try to influence others in a positive direction. And it would prove to be a rewarding job and pay back as time passes.


When you adopt a fashion with the aim to bring a change in society, you are, actually, going to evolve a new trend and make it acceptable to the public by presenting a practical model of the same.

Presenting yourself as a role model is the best approach to bringing a change in the society. There is a famous quote in this regard, “If you want to change others, first change yourself.”

Meanwhile, beware that making a new thing acceptable to others is one of the most difficult tasks in this world. Prior to embarking on such an adventure, you have to be equipped with a number of skills, tools, and traits.

In the first place, the new practice you are striving to popularize must involve logic, so that the viewers or the audience would deem it beneficial for them to go for it.

The second and third most important things are patience and consistency, respectively. You must be patient and cool minded in the sense that you should not react violently to people’s criticisms. While everyone does not think the same way, you’ll always have opponents even if you’re going to do the best.

And consistency is one of the keys to success. It is because if you quit on the way, all your struggle and input would go futile.


While Dr. L. L. Zamenhof’s Esperanto – a constructed international language invented in 1887 that can be learnt with 150 hours of study, compared to 1,500 for English – could not be enforced in its true spirit, you still have languages that are universally understood and practiced.

Such universal languages include the languages of:

  1. Love,
  2. Music, and
  3. Fashion.

Like love and fashion, everyone can perceive and respond to a fashion or style.

As a universal language, a fashion trend always has a meaning and message for everyone, irrespective of their historical, cultural, and physical associations.

You learn this language as you grow up and there is no need to study a fashion to understand different cultures. And this universal appeal can rightly be claimed as one of the top 10 advantages of fashion.

One logical argument in support of fashion as a universal language is that, when it comes to fashion, all humans share the same pronunciation, vocabulary, and letters.

Did you know?

  • According to Jeremy Lewis, an editor and publisher, fashion is not an art but a business.
  • Elizabeth Hawes dubbed fashion ‘a parasite on style’.


Looking bad may not matter when you are all alone. But all won’t be well when you are among other people or in a public gathering.

That is, you’ll lose your confidence if you notice something odd or against the norms in your appearance.

Imagine when you hear a doorbell and you are badly dressed up. You’ll hesitate to open the door for the fear of being seen that way.

Now compare that unpleasant feeling with how you will react when you hear a doorbell and you are dressed up well.

On the other hand, looking good boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Knowing that you look decent will give you some power as opposed to when you know you don’t look good.

People also like to look good in their privacy.


In addition to giving you confidence and self-esteem, a decent appearance also inspires aesthetic sense in you. You want to look beautiful and appreciate beauty in the things around you.

Also, you’d love to do beautiful things and aesthetically accomplished every task.

Such and attitude and practice will also elevate your spirits and create a sense of pleasure and satisfaction in your mind.


At first, it might sound illogical, unrealistic, or irrelevant when you hear that fashion can be a driving force to lose weight. But it is what really happens.

And it’s one of the truly inspiring advantages of fashion.

Today “smart looks” is an essential element of being fashionable. And, to look smart, you will try to fit into smaller clothes. You can’t do so with a bulky body. It will drive you to lose weight.


When you crave for positive fashion and practice it while observing limits, it can be really benefitting.

Imparting sublimity to how you think is one of the most important advantages of fashion.

Dressing up neat and clean and maintaining hygiene in your surroundings is one of the positive approaches to fashion.

It will refine your thinking style and you will start deriving pleasure from otherwise insignificant things.

Also, you will start looking at the positive aspects of seemingly bad or unpleasant things.


Discovering new colors and styles is another advantage of fashion for enthusiasts who pursue unique trends as a part and parcel of their life.

When you try different things in dressing, shoes, and personal accessories, you may make a surprise discovery that the colors you never tried before might look better on you than might have imagined they could.

In the same way, you might discover several other styles that you could look better in than the same ones you had been hanging on to. Sometimes, your favorite style may carry many more combinations that you have ever imagined. That is why the fashion fans often keep trying new combinations of the things they highly value.


Pursuing fashion can be the source of earning in more than one way. So, won’t you call it one of the biggest advantages of fashion?

In addition to playing a major part in the film industry, fashion is itself a big industry with huge scope and bright prospects.

Social media has provided another workshop for the fashion lovers to practice and advance new styles.

When an image or a video depicting a new style is uploaded on social media, the fashion-conscious individuals rush to view and share it with others. They may also subscribe to such a channel for future releases. Do you know what it means? Simply put, you earn more and more.

The recent past has witnessed many such instances when a single video made a penniless individual a millionaire within months.

However, such financially-benefitting advantages of fashion might involve an acumen, effort and a stroke of luck.


If you free it from the constraints of clothing and personal appearances (where it is usually imprisoned) and view it in a broader perspective, fashion not only balances and normalizes your individual and social lives but also imparts an element of ‘revolution’ to them.

Keeping various advantages of fashion in view, it seems unlikely to imagine a life without following the fashion trends. Though there are many disadvantages of fashion, the benefits usually carry more weight and can overweigh the drawbacks with a big margin.

In a nutshell, fashion adds to your ability and power as an individual and social being.

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