Huawei Launches HarmonyOS, a Rival to Android and iOS

The maxim “Necessity is the mother of invention” gets another reinforcement as the 21st century witnesses an amazing innovation in the software technology – HarmonyOS. After facing sanctions from the US, which prompted Google to sever ties with it, the Chinese tech giant Huawei comes up with its homegrown operating system.

The tech industry gurus are considering the new software crucial for the survival of the company that has been struggling to fight back the US sanctions. It comes packed with amazing power, usability, and flexibility.

With the potential to support all scenarios, work across a wide range of platforms and devices, and meet consumer demand for strong security and low latency, the HarmonyOS is going to make an important addition to the list of the most amazing inventions of the 21st century.

It has been months since rumors about the development of an alternative to Google’s Android OS started circulating. And the product finally made its debut at Huawei’s developer conference in the southern city of Dongguan on August 9, 2019.

According to Richard Yu, the CEO of the tech giant’s consumer business, the new broad-spectrum software would bring ‘harmony and convenience to the world’. And a tweet from Huawei Mobile’s official Twitter account read, “HarmonyOS can be nested to adapt flexibly to any gadget and create a seamless cross-device experience (for the users).” It added, “[The new software] builds the foundation of a shared developer ecosystem as it has been developed using the distributed capability kit.”

Is HarmonyOS Really an Android Replacement?

Though developed as an alternative to the Android OS, Huawei’s HarmonyOS is not going to be an Android replacement. Richard Yu himself said that the new system was completely different from the operating system of both Google and Apple.

A future-oriented OS, it happens to be more smooth and secure than its rivals.

Application to Smartphones:

According to the company sources, the OS has not yet been applied to smartphones. However, that can happen at any time in the future. Yu said that the company gives priority to using the Android operating system by Google.

Android is fully compatible with HarmonyOS. So, if the company is banned from using Google’s OS, they will immediately switch to their homegrown software.

Did You Know?

  • Huawei is considered the world leader in superfast 5G technology and the world’s number two manufacturer of smartphones.
  • Sweeping it into the deepening trade war between Washington and Beijing, the US President Trump blacklisted the company back in May this year.
  • The decision to blacklist Huawei was made on the suspicions that the company was posing a security threat to the US by facilitating Chinese intelligence services, which the firm denies.
  • In China, the name of HarmonyOS is HongMeng!
  • The new system has been created as a backup product as the company still gives priority to using Android!
  • According to the company sources, the new software features the revolutionary “Deterministic Latency Engine”. This feature will allow it to better prioritize resources when functions and apps compete over them.
  • The first version of the OS is expected to be launched later this year in Huawei’s smart screen gadgets.
  • Presenting the next frontier in the 21st century operating systems, HarmonyOS is going to have its application in everything, ranging from smart displays to industrial systems.

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