How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast and Easy at Your Home

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast and Easy in Your Home or Apartment


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast and Easy at Your Home and apartment
How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast and Easy at Your Home

On waking up, if you have itchy welts on your skin or blood stains on the pillowcases or bed sheet, you might have fed a hungry bed bug while sleeping! So, you would like to learn about how to get rid of bed bugs fast and easy.

  • Where do bed bugs come from?
  • Do they carry/transmit diseases?
  • How to check for bed bugs?
  • Why is it difficult to locate and remove their eggs?

Here are some easy options to do away with this nuisance.

People living near bed bugs have to endure a lot of suffering and desperation. It is when they have to look for answers to their concerns and find a viable solution.

These tiny insects are mainly active and feed on humans and other animals at night. In the book titled “The Bed Bug Book: The Complete Guide to Prevention and Extermination” (2011 edition), the author Ralph H. Maestre sheds light on various aspects of the life of this insect and suggests effective ways to exterminate them.

How Do They Look Like?

You will be better able to describe a bedbug if you know the size and hue of an apple seed.

These tiny, blood-thirsty creatures look brownish in appearance and have a small, oval-shaped body. On reaching maturity, the bug’s body becomes flat and attains the size of an apple seed. An adult’s body is just as thick as your credit card!

Feeding also affects the shape and color of their bodies. Once filled with blood, it becomes engorged and turns reddish.

How to Locate Bed Bugs?

While the bed bugs may be hiding in your couch, pillow, bed mattress, on in any other part of the furniture, you can confirm their presence through certain signs.

The prominent signs of the bed bugs include blood stains, fecal stains, eggs, and the skins they shed while growing to maturity.

The bed frame, the mattress, and the box spring are the top hiding places for the bed bugs. So, while trying to exterminate them, you should especially search for them at these locations.

Did you know?

Here are some fast facts on bedbugs that will add to your understanding of this nuisance.

  • The bedbugs are unable to fly, the bedbugs can quickly move on your body, the floor, walls, and the ceiling of the room.
  • They look like terrifying creatures in a magnified image.
  • You can call them “hitch-hikers” as the bed bugs usually depend on humans to travel from one place to another.
  • Here is one of the most surprising bed bugs facts. They may pierce the skin and suck your blood without letting you note it as their bite is usually painless!
  • These insects can weight for a surprisingly long period of time to find and feed on their next host! So, they lay in weight for weeks.
  • Their eggs are tiny, measuring as small as 1mm or only about 32nd part of an inch!
  • It is very difficult to remove eggs of the bed bugs as the females, after laying eggs, glue them to some hidden area. Even the use of a vacuum won’t help you to remove 100% of them.
  • Did you know the newly hatched bed bugs are as small and difficult to see as the eggs?
  • It takes about 3 to 5 days for their eggs to hatch.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast and Easy?

While you about to learn the most effective ways regarding how to get rid of bed bugs fast and easy, please note that a lot of knowledge, experience, effort, and to do away with and close the door behind them.

Your job is not over even after exterminating them. To make sure that they will never come back, you need to maintain a heightened level of vigilance.

Described below are some of the useful techniques you can use to get rid of bed bugs:

Maintain Extra Hygiene: Maintaining the hygiene of your house and especially the bedroom is the first and the most important step to prevent the bed bugs from flourishing. So, always try to ensure extra hygiene of the curtains, linens, and bedding.

Use of Hot Water and Dryer: Washing clothes in hot water and then drying them on high temperature will help kill the bugs and destroy their eggs.

Frequent Vacuuming: Do frequent vacuuming of everything in your room. Vacuuming will be more effective to remove the insects and their eggs if you scrub everything with a stiff brush prior to doing so.

Remove Hiding Places for the Bugs: While the bed bugs can hide themselves and their eggs in cracks in the walls, you should fill all such crack with the materials like plaster. Similarly, encasing the pillows, bed mattress, and other things will remove the possible hiding places for the insects.

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