Essay on a Rainy Day in Summer for Class 12 with Quotations

The easy, engaging, and realistic expression makes this essay on a rainy day in summer for class 12 with quotations a perfect fit for 12-grade exams.

Text: Essay on a Rainy Day in Summer for Class 12 with Quotations

“Rain is an impressive natural phenomenon that transforms scorching heat of summer into a blessed treat for humans.”

Enjoying different seasons of the year is a rare blessing. Among different seasons, spring is usually considered the best one. Summer in tropical areas is usually hard to bear. Under extreme conditions, the temperature may go up to or beyond 50 degrees centigrade. In the scorching heat, human beings, animals, and birds all look towards the sky for the rain.

“When rain is in rage, it takes mercy on people of no age and inundates everything.”

Environmental heat causes a change in the direction of the winds, and they bring with them rains. This process is termed as monsoon. Summer monsoons in our area are extremely wet. Usually, in July and August, the whole area comes under the wave of heavy rainfall. Sometimes, these rains are so heavy that they bring about floods in the rivers. On the other hand, floods result in the heavy loss of life and property.

“Rain brings out a positive change in the moods of both people and environment, and everything is full of fun.”

Anyhow, a rainy day in summer is always a pleasant thing. If by chance, it is also a holiday, the charm and enjoyment get doubled. People generally do not go to work as they love to have a bath in the rain. Attendance in the offices is thin. People come out of their houses and have fun in the streets.

“Rainy season is a healthy spice for the food and a stimulator of hidden joys.”

Children, as well as young boys and girls, make merry. They roll in the rainwater in the streets. They shout and sing songs. They use every possible means to express their joy. Streets are filled with people enjoying the rain shower. Birds and animals also take a sigh of relief. The cuckoo shouts its melodies from a distance. In our areas, the cuckoo is always associated with the rainy season.

“The Monsoon is a blessing that needs attention and reception. If you ignore it, it turns awry.”

Ladies in the houses go to the kitchens and prepare delicious and spicy things like samosas, pakoras, kebabs, and other snacks. In the wet atmosphere, these hot and spicy foods add to the beauty of the weather. Sometimes, the youngsters go to the nearest picnic spots carrying with them the baskets full of mangoes and cold drinks. They play outdoor games and then have refreshments.

“Rain is grace. Rain is the sky descending to the earth. Without rain, there would be no life.”

The rainy day in summer brings with it some problems as well. In our cities and villages, there is no proper system of drainage. Streets become full of dirty water. The water stays there for several days. The movement of people and vehicles becomes very difficult. Electricity distributors shut down the power supply for many hours. Homes in the villages are not well constructed. So, they may get damaged if the rain is heavy.

“Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks does.”

Also, there is the possibility of acid rain. Having a bath in such rain can be very dangerous for the skin and eyes. So, you should be careful being going into the rain for a bath. However, in our areas, the chances of acid rains are usually rare.

Overall, there is a healthy change in the atmosphere on a rainy day in summer. Everyone feels charged and everything wears a new refreshing look. People forget the hardships of the hot weather. They get pollution-free air to breathe. Trees, plants, and flowers get rid of dust and dirt, and they shine attractively. Summer up, you can say that a rainy day in summer is a great blessing for all and sundry.

“Everything has pros and cons. When it comes to rain, the advantages outdo and overpower the disadvantages.”

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