English Essay on a Rainy Day for Class 10 with Quotations

V 1-3: Essay on a Rainy Day for Class 10 with Quotations, 12th


Tips to score maximum marks in the essay on a rainy day for class 10 with quotations.
Tips to score maximum marks in the essay on a rainy day for class 10 with quotations.

Attention, please! The last 2 versions of the easy, standardized essay on a rainy day for class 10 with quotations can also be used for class 12, i.e., Intermediate Part II. Versions 2 and 3 have a word count of over 400 words each, thus fulfilling the need for a standard essay for intermediate classes. You can score maximum marks in the exams if you attempt the essay with care and accuracy.

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In the essay writing question in the 10th class, the candidates are asked to compose an essay of 150 to 200 words. However, the students aspiring to get higher marks go to some extra length and also use quotations. These quotations should be highly relevant and serve an explanatory and argumentative purpose.

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Let’s clear out a misconception before you go through the essay on a rainy day for 10th class with quotations.

It’s wrong to say, “Essay writing is the least scoring question in the exams”.

It is a wrong and unjustified perception that a student is bound to lose marks in a subjective-type, essay writing task in English test or annual exam. It is the question that carries maximum marks, i.e. 15. And you can score 100 percent here too.

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Then why do students keep perceiving that they cannot get higher marks in the essay on a rainy day or the monsoon for 10th class and the same thing actually happens in the end?

A logical and fact-based answer is: They do not invest as much time and effort to this area as to others under the fear that it will not pay back. Do you agree? If not, give your own opinion in the comments box below.

Important Note:

            Don’t use headings in your essay on a rainy day for class 10 with quotations.

Things to Take Care of While Writing an Essay on a Rainy Day for Class 10 with Quotations

  1. Make an outline first
  2. Be direct and relevant
  3. Put your ideas in a logical sequence
  4. Give proper introduction and conclusion
  5. Write in simple, easy language
  6. Use to power of expression to grab the attention of the reader/examiner
  7. Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes
  8. Give different ideas in separate paragraphs
  9. Make use of appropriate quotations and adjust them logically in the text
  10. Re-read/review the essay once finished writing

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Outline (Version 1): English Essay on a Rainy Day for Class 10 with Quotations

  1. Introduction
  2. The Monsoon in Pakistan
  3. An Account of a Rainy Day
  4. Gale and Windstorm
  5. The Scene After the Rain
  6. Unpleasant Aspect of Rain
  7. Conclusion
V1, Outline: English essay on a rainy day for class 10 with quotations.
Outline: English essay on a rainy day for class 10 with quotations.

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Text (Version 1): Essay on a Rainy Day for Class 10 with Quotations

Quotations: Essay on the Monsoon for 10th class with quotations.
Quotations: Essay on the Monsoon for 10th class with quotations.

“And [He] sent down from the sky rain and brought forth thereby fruits as provision for you.” (The Holy Quran: 2:22)

“اور (اللہ تعالٰی) نے آسمان سے پانی برسایا اور اس سے تمہارے کھانے کے لیے پھل نکالے (اگائے)”

The Monsoon in Pakistan generally lasts from June through September. This period is also called the summer rainy season. Rains are very common in Pakistan during Monsoon.

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It was the first week of July. The earth seemed to be burning. Everybody perspired (پسینے میں شرابور) from head to toe. The sky became red and overcast with the clouds. The wind was blowing faster and faster. Then there came a very powerful puff (جھونکا) of wind (ہوا). This puff of wind was full of dust (گرد). Nothing was visible. Soon there was a gale (آندھی). A complete darkness (ندھیرا) fell (چھا گیا) over the entire area. The roofs of the huts (جھونپڑیاں) were blown away.

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In the meantime, the thunder (بادل کی گرج) was heard. Soon it started raining. After some time, the dust in the atmosphere settled down. Water poured down the spouts (نالیاں). It began to flow like a stream (ندی) through every street. Boys began to run about from lane to lane (ایک گلی سے دوسری گلی).

The rain stopped after an hour. The weather (موسم) became very pleasant (خوشگوار). A rainbow appeared in the sky. The leaves of the trees began to glitter (چمکنا). Nature looked very beautiful. The change in the weather was welcomed.

“Rain is grace. Rain is the sky descending to the earth. Without rain, there would be no life.” (John Updike)

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The rain storm also caused heavy damages (نقصان). The map of the earth changed around us. The destruction caused by the rain storm was incalculable (جس کا اندازہ نہ لگایا جا سکے). Valuable property and cattle (مویشی) were lost. At certain places, the road was blocked by the fallen trees. Despite all that, it was a day of merry-making (خوشی منانا).

“Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks does.”

(بارش کی پیشین گوئی کرنا اتنا اہم نہیں جتنا کشتیاں بنانا اہم ہے۔) (Warren Buffet)

Version 2: English Essay on a Rainy Day for Class 10 with Quotations

Version 2: Quotations for essay on a rainy day (450 words)
Version 2: Quotations for essay on a rainy day (450 words)

A 450 Words Essay on a Rainy Day in Summer

“Rain is an impressive natural phenomenon that transforms scorching heat of summer into a blessed treat for humans.”

Our province lies in the tropical regions of the Asian continent and mostly consists of vast plains. We enjoy four seasons in the year. Generally, spring is regarded as the best season. The summer season in most of our areas is hard to bear. Temperature my shoot up to 50 degrees centigrade. Human beings, animals, and birds all look towards the sky for the rain.

This heat causes a change in the direction of winds and they bring with them rains. This process is called the Monsoon. The Summer Monsoons in our region are extremely wet. Usually, in July and August, the whole province is under a wave of severe rainfall. Sometimes, these rains are so heavy that they cause floods in the rivers. The result is a heavy loss of life and property.

“When rain is in rage, it takes mercy on people of no age and inundates everything.”

Anyhow, the rainy day in summer is always a pleasant thing. If by chance it is the holiday also, its charm doubles. A rainy day is regarded as a fine day. People generally do not go to work and enjoy having a shower in the rain. Attendance is in offices is thin. People come out of their homes and have fun in the streets.

The young boys and girls make merry. They roll in the rainwater in the streets. They shout and sing songs. They use every possible means to express their joy. Streets are full of people enjoying the rain shower. Birds and animals also have a sigh of relief. The cuckoo shouts its melodies from a distance. In our areas, the cuckoo is always associated with the rainy season.

“Rain brings out a positive change in the moods of both people and environment, and everything is full of fun.”

Ladies in the houses go to the kitchens and prepare delicious and spicy things like samosas, pakoras, kababs, or other snacks. In this wet atmosphere, these hot and spicy things add to the beauty and pleasantness of the weather. Sometimes, the youngsters go to the nearest picnic spots carrying with them baskets full of mangoes and cold drinks. They play outdoor games and then have refreshments.

“Rainy season is a healthy spice for the food and a stimulator of hidden joys.”

The rainy day in summer brings with it some problems as well. In our cities and villages, there is no proper and efficient system of drainage. Streets are filled with dirty water. This water stays there for many days. Movement becomes very difficult. Water and Power Development Authority shuts down the power supply for many hours. Houses in villages are not well constructed, so they get damaged if the rain is heavy.

“The Monsoon is a blessing that needs attention and reception. If you ignore it, it turns awry.”

Overall, there is a healthy change in the atmosphere on a rainy day in summer. Everyone feels charged and everything wears a new look. People forget the hot weather. The pollution-free air becomes available to breathe. Trees get rid of dust and shine attractively. In short, a rainy day in summer is a great blessing for the people of this area.

“Everything has pros and cons. When it comes to rain, the advantages outdo and overpower the disadvantages.”

Version 3: English Essay on a Rainy Day for Class 10 with Quotations

Version 3: Quotations for essay on a rainy day (500 words)
Version 3: Quotations for essay on a rainy day (500 words)

A 500 Words Essay on a Rainy Day in Winter

“A rainy day is the loveliest day when it comes to refreshing and breathing in nature.”

Rainy weather is worth enjoying in each of the four seasons in our country. However, the rainy days are fewer in winter than in summer. While the summer is known for its scorching heat, the winter is usually cold, dry, and rough. In winter, the days are short, and nights are long.

This heat and cold generally changes the direction of the winds. This process is called the Monsoon. The summer Monsoons in our area are extremely wet while the winter Monsoons have little rain. December and January are the usual months of rain in winter. This is also the sowing season of the wheat crops. For us, wheat is really very important because the poor and the rich all depend on this crop. This crop depends on the supply of water for its growth.

“Rainwater is an elixir that enlivens dead seeds and the dying out vegetation.”

The farmers look anxiously towards the sky and wish the drizzle to come in time. The common man also wishes for the rain because the dry weather brings with it so many diseases. Our water sources become minimum during these months and we offer prayers in mosques for rain. The rain in this situation is a health-giving factor.

The rainy day in winter is entirely different from the one in summer. In summer, the rain usually falls heavily while in winter it falls in the form of a sweet-sounding drizzle. The raindrops look like beads and pearls. Vast stretches of clouds cover the sky, and the sun disappears for many days.

“The Monsoon deserves a warm welcome as it makes the entry with full pomp and dignity.”

The light drizzle on a rainy day mostly confines people to their homes. Outdoor activities are suspended and attendance in offices is very thin. It is very cold outside and little children are not sent to schools. The streets are muddy and dirty. People prefer to remain indoors. They like to remain in cozy beds whose warmth brings drowsiness and laziness. The raindrops falling on the roof produce rhythmic music.

“The music produced by rain is the sweets of all melodies that nature can engender.”

The members of the family love to sit together in one room. TV is on and tea is served regularly. The dry fruit tray is the center of attention. Elderly members of the family find this time proper to relate past adventures. So many matters are discussed, and new planning is made.

For a student, the rainy day in winter has its blessings. He is unable to go out, so he remains seated in his room before his books and studies with full attention. Outdoor games and sports are not possible, and his time is saved in this way too. This is really the most suitable time for a student to prepare his lessons well.

“While ordinary students pass their pastime in all enjoyment, the wiser ones turn it into a worthwhile activity.”

On the other hand, the rainy day in winter brings so many problems for a poor man. A man who earns his bread on daily basis finds it difficult to get work on a rainy day. Most of the time, he becomes gloomy to see clouds in winter. He knows very well that the rain once started will continue for hours and in such a situation no work is possible.

(Conclusion: Essay on a Rainy Day for Class 10 with Quotations)

To sum up, a rainy day in winter is a boon for some while a bane for others. Overall, it carries huge advantages for humans, birds, animals, and crops.

“A rain day is all that you think of it to be. It is a boon for some while a bane for others.”

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